Oh my, I’m finally here. Again. Writing a blog.

To be completely honest, when I closed down my last blog a couple of years ago, I actually never thought I would be returning, but as you all know; never say never. But here I am, on my old web domain, writing again.

This ‘comeback’ is not something that just happened overnight. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I’ve been pondering a lot on pros and cons, why I wanted to get back into blogging, what the purpose was and is. I must admit, I might have driven my besties crazy with my pondering, but they have been great sports and very supportive. I think they understand my urge to get my writing itch scratched in some way, and since I got a massive writers block when it comes to my other writing attempts, blogging about something I know well could very well be the answer. Perhaps blogging again could even ignite a tiny spark when it comes to breaking down my writers block.

Yes, I’ve missed blogging, I must admit that, and I’ve missed being a complete geek and build the blog from scratch, setting up WordPress, finding the right theme and all the tweaking. I’m still not quite done, there will be more pages etc., but for now, I am ready to go!

I don’t think this blog will be much different to the previous ones I’ve had, but I will try to keep it more informative and write about living with a chronic illness like ME and about ME in general, what makes me tick, the small things in life. I might not post more than once or twice a week, but quality before quantity, right? I’m more sick now than when I had my last blog, so it all comes down to the amount of energy I have… And of course, if I have something to talk about.

So here I am, again. A few years older, but not so much wiser. I’m still me though.

Welcome, I hope you’ll enjoy my blog 🙂