I love food. Not only to eat it, but also cook it. I always have. Even at an young age, I loved to help out in the kitchen and for my 9th birthday, I baked the birthday buns (Danish tradition) all by myself. That recipe has stayed with me since then, I know it by heart and I turn 46 at my next birthday in December.

I rarely bake, mostly because of my nape and shoulders, but I miss it. I really do. Hopefully I can get back to it at some point, if I ever get that Kenwood kitchen machine I have been wanting for years. I still dream of learning how to make a proper loaf and to bake my own rye bread. Until then, I have to keep my baking to once in a while to muffins and cupcakes… And a quick and easy apple crumble!

Easy apple crumble

Since I got sick with ME and especially since my ME got more severe, food has become even more important to me. I especially use a lot of my sparse energy on my evening meal – tea. It’s really important I eat as healthy as I can and with all my food intolerances (and a few allergies) and IBS, it’s important I know exactly what’s in my meals. On my really bad days when I don’t have any energy whatsoever, it’s more important I get something healthy for tea than it is to get a shower. It’s all about prioritising and I really priorities my food. I do all my grocery shopping online now and I make a meal plan every week, so it’s important I do cook what I have planned to avoid food waste. Today I had planned a veggie stir fry, but because I was exhausted, low on energy and my knee hurt, I had to do it in stages. Like prepping some of the veggies, then take a break, then prep the rest, then a break and then finally cook the stir fry. That said, I do have days where I can’t be bothered to cook and grab some veggies, eggs and ry bread in stead, but I do try to make even a small meal if I can. In comes couscous, I eat a LOT of couscous, because you can easily make some kind of couscous salad. Healthy fastfood, as I call it. When I have the energy, I cook for the freezer, large portions, like e.g. bolognese with meat or vegetarian, stews etc. Then I have something easy to prep on my really bad days… Or make an lasagne without using too much energy in the kitchen.

Easy lasagne without cheating – not the vegetarian version

I do see myself as a picky eater, mostly because of my food intolerances but also because there is food I absolutely hate. Take e.g. liver… and Brussels sprouts!
But on the other hand, I do eat things other people might find absolutely weird, like brined veal tongue… or pig/ox/chicken hearts. I love Middle-Eastern/Moroccan/Arabic food, Italian, Tex-Mex and good old fashioned Danish food and I’m not afraid of spices and herbs, but there are some I can’t have, like coriander and nutmeg. I can’t say what my absolute favourite dish is, it depends on what mood I’m in, but I can say, that hummus, crunchy peanut butter and Nutella are pure nectar!

Despite the long list of things I don’t eat, I love food, absolutely love it. I live to eat, not eat to live. I love reading food magazines, especially British magazines like BBC Good Food and Vegetarian Living and I love trying new things. I’m always looking for inspiration, especially because I have IBS and there are a lot of food I don’t eat. So variation is the key word, because there are only so many ways you can use a carrot if you have to come up with a dish yourself… And I don’t particularly like cooked carrots! Again, picky eater. I have my problems with cooked veggies, some I only eat raw, like carrots (unless the carrots are in a cake), celeriac and cauliflower. On the other hand, I absolutely adore the humble leek and I love parsnips, parsley roots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

Portobello mushroom & hallumi burger w/ sweet potato chips

I’m not a vegetarian, but I love vegetarian food. I have a few vegetarian signature dishes, like veggie lasagne, veggie stir fri and veggie Bolognese and I’m not afraid to try new veggie dishes. Because there are certain things I can’t eat, I often tweak the recipes and end up with my own version of something. Like e.g. vegetarian lasagne. The original recipe is from BBC Good Food, but I’ve changed some things and added some, like the cheese filling is changed and I’ve added portobello mushrooms to give the dish a more meaty taste. It’s still vegetarian though and it tastes absolutely yummy! I’m not sure I could go 100% vegetarian, I do love meat and fish, but flexitarian/semi-vegetarian perhaps and as long I’m allowed to have my eggs, cheese and lactose free milk products. And nope, I don’t like soy milk, almond milk etc etc. and I need milk in my coffee.

I have a few recipes written down, but since I’m cooking like Grandma Duck and only strict with measuring when baking (and making any kind of gravy), my recipes are more like inspiration with plenty of room to put your own twist on the dish. It’s all about taste and what you are in the mood for, when your cooking. That’s why I love to experiment in the kitchen. But, some of my lovely friends have asked me and encouraged me to post my recipe on my blog, so I will do that and I will of course try and give some sort of ingredients list with measurements so you get an idea of the dish. But feel free to tweak them as you like.
If you have any ideas or know of a dish I’m making – if you e.g. have seen something on my Instagram – don’t hesitate to ask. I will try my best to post a recipe or a post where I explain what this (weird) dish is and if it’s a recipe I’ve found somewhere else.

Fruit salad with lactose free creme fraiche

When the recipes are up and running, you will be able to find them under the tag ‘recipe’ or in the menu I will create.

Til then… Bon Appetit and let’s cook some delicious food!