Oh boy, I haven’t posted anything since late August. Oops….! But all I can say is, I’m so sorry. Life has been a mess for months – well, the entire year – and I haven’t had much energy to write anything. It’s not that I haven’t had some things to share, but, yeah, it’s been shite to be honest.

But here I am, back, for good… I hope. I will try my best to write more, share more what’s going on in this stupid spoonie life of mine, even if it’s just that I’m trying my best to keep my head above my duvet.

I do have some things to share with you, but I won’t do it in this post. I will try and write a bit about 2018 in a separate post and talk a bit about the biggest headlines, and hopefully a bit about what I wish for 2019.

For now, hello, sorry for the silence, but here I am again 🙂