I’m Heidi, I’m 45 years old and I live in Denmark.

I’m not new to blogging, I started my first ever blog many moons ago on blogger.com (back in 2005, if I remember correctly) and I’ve had 5-6 blogs since then, most of them in Danish. In fact some people might recognise me from the old blogs I’ve had on this domain name.

After a few years hiatus I slowly began thinking about blogging again during spring 2018, and after some months of pondering about pros and cons, I decided to give blogging a try again. The main reason for starting a new blog was I missed writing and especially writing in English. Secondly, I feel an urge to write about how it is to live with a severe chronic illness like ME/CFS, all the ups and downs and how it affects your entire life and the people around you.

Hopefully the blog title signals it’s not only about illnesses and other sad things, but about how it is for me to live with e.g. ME and how it has changed my life, what makes me tick and what gives me joy in life, that be food, books, movies, tv-series, travelling, my cat. The small things in life. The uneventful adventures, big and small.

So welcome to ‘The Uneventful Adventure of an Exhausted Spoonie’. If you don’t know what a ‘spoonie’ is, then you can start here.

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